1. If you own an abandoned land, what are the benefits if the land is developed by FELCRA Berhad?

    The benefits to landowners if they agreed for their land to be development:- Landowner will receive net profit when the plantation starts to produce the yield. Crops will be marketed by FELCRA Berhad. The total profit received is based on the size of each plantation, the quality of the plantation and the current commodity market price. If the landowner works at the plantation, they will be paid and if their family members are also working, they will also be paid accordingly. The wages paid will be considered as plantation operational cost and it will not be deducted from project net profit which will be paid to the landowner. If the landowner does not work at the plantation due to health reason or residing at another area, he will only be paid the net profit from project / dividend. When the abandoned land is being cultivated, the value of the land will increase. Therefore the landowner is able to own a well manage plantation.

  2. What is FELCRA BERHAD's role in developing the rural community?
    1. Developing land (including GSA's land) either through its initial action and consent from states authority or by state authorities request.
    2. Any other land other than stated in clause (1), by landowner request and according to the agreed conditions between landowner and FELCRA Berhad.

  3. What does abandoned land means?

    Abandoned land is a privately owned land but is not cultivated or only a small portion of the land is cultivated but after certain period was left uncultivated resulting in loss of earnings or the earnings is not compararble with the land size. For paddy field, it means unplanted field or an area which paddy being planted once a yearly.

  4. What is the purpose of developing an abandoned land?

    The purpose is to generate income and when income is geneterd it will benefit the land owner. On top of that, it generates an additional income and national production. On the other hand, if the land is left abandoned, it will not generate anything yet the landowner need to look for other sources to settle the quit rent.

  5. If someone own an abandoned land, what should he do if he wish for his land to be developed?

    The landowner is required to give permission by signing a memorandum of agreement provided by FELCRA Berhad. It is important for FELCRA BERHAD to have the authority to access and develops the land. The agreement is also needed for FELCRA Berhad to initiate the capital layout to develop the land. After the landowner signed the letter of agreement, FELCRA Berhad will carry out clearing works up to seed planting. Care and maintenance will follow after that. This expenditure will be deemed as development expenditure advanced by FELCRA Berhad. The landowner or the family members are encouraged to work and will be paid for the effort.

  6. What is the requirement and qualification needed to pursue the development of abandoned land programme?
    1. Landowner must give permission by signing a letter of agreement.
    2. An agreement that the initial capital is being advanced by FELCRA Berhad and repayment must be made within certain period of time.
    3. Agreed to repay the development loan through deduction on project yield.
    4. Agreed in to empower FELCRA BERHAD to market the crops.
    5. A person must have his/her own land. If the stated land has several name as co-owner, then their consents are needed.
    6. No age restriction is imposed to join this programme provided that he/she is a Malaysian and possess ownership of the land.