• The logo articulated the organization's achievement and objective. Its design illustrated the changes in its image as well as its corporate direction.
  • The lace of red, blue and white is similar to the lace of Jalur Gemilar – the National Flag.The colour of BLUE is a global colour that represents businesses; RED represents dynamic spirit and WHITE symbolizes efficiency and clarity.
  • The design of the logo is inspired from FELCRA Berhad's expansion plan.


Rationale Behind the Logo

  • Rhombus represents the basic form of leaf which in turn forms the basis of agriculture
  • The blue coloured Rhombus represents core business as a basis towards developing a strong conglomerate.
  • The red coloured Rhombus represents three FELCRA Berhad's expansion plan namely: - geographical expansion, related business expansion and synergistic expansion.


Logo FELCRA Tahun 1966-2009