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Main Page Help

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Main Menu Help


Main Menu
The FELCRA Berhad Portal Main Menu consists of:
Menu Utama

Info FELCRA menu provides useful information regarding FELCRA Berhad to portal users. Among the information within this menu are Profile, Corporate Identity, Management, Organisational Chart, Region Office, Financial Statement, Subsidiaries, Nostalgia, Awards and FELCRA Berhad Commitment.

Example :


The Services menu fits information that are related to FELCRA Berhad Factories, co-operation, resort and outlet, warehouse, training centre and laboratory of FELCRA Berhad.

Programmes & Activities menu is to be accessed where users are able to refer to various information regarding commercial programmes and social obligation programme.


Menu Resources menu is to be accessed where users are able to refer to various information regarding articles, form download and poll.

News & Events menu fits the latest information as well as announcements that have and will happen that are related to FELCRA Berhad. The Photo Gallery is also one of the submenus which can be found in this menu and fits various collections of interesting pictures.

Main Page displays information such as news, announcements and programme. Your Vote enables the user to cast their votes regarding certain matters according to the questions given.


Search Help


Search in the top right-hand corner enables the user to search for wanted information within the FELCRA Berhad Portal.


Photo Gallery Help


  • Fits a collection of pictures that have been classified into title.
  • As an example, in the FELCRA Gallery there is an album list.
  • Pictures can also be downloaded.

Contoh :


Calendar Help


  • Calendar provides an indication to the user regarding events that take place on certain dates.
  • It also represents an Event submenu which can be found in the menu News & Events.
  • Users will be able to know if there is a certain activity/program through dates that have been blackened.
  • Click on a certain date to view activities/programs for that day.
  • In order to know activities that will be carried out through the entire month, the user can click on More Events This Month that can be found at the bottom of the calendar.